El controlador programable PLC-5 de ALLEN-BRADLEY se encuentra en el centro de una arquitectura de control que reúne sistemas existentes y futuros por medio de redes como EtherNet / IP, ControlNet y DeviceNet, y ofrece conectividad entre los controladores SLC 500, ControlLogix y MicroLogix.

Debido a que incluyen conexiones de red integradas, los controladores PLC-5 permiten que su arquitectura de control sea lo suficientemente flexible para incluir conexiones rentables a una amplia gama de dispositivos.

PLC-5 1771

PLC-5 1785

  • PLC-5/11
  • PLC-5/20
  • PLC-5/20C
  • PLC-5/20e
  • PLC-5/26
  • PLC-5/30
  • PLC-5/40
  • PLC-5/40C 
  • PLC-5/40e
  • PLC-5/40L
  • PLC-5/46
  • PLC-5/46C
  • PLC-5/60
  • PLC-5/60L
  • PLC-5/80
  • PLC-5/80C
  • PLC-5/80e
  • PLC-5/86

WiAutomation proporciona una amplia gama de repuestos Allen-Bradley PLC-5

1771-ASBK Allen-Bradley

1771-ASBK Universal Remote I/O Adapter Module, Conformally Coated

2.500,00 €
1771-OWN Allen-Bradley

1771-OWN PLC-5 Selectable Contact Output Module, 32 Points

2.200,00 €
1771-CX25 Allen-Bradley

plc-5 local i/o bus terminator cable - 25 meters

2.000,00 €
1771-CX30 Allen-Bradley

plc-5 local i/o bus terminator cable - 30 meters

1.815,00 €
1785-BEM Allen-Bradley

PLC-5 Backup Communications Expansion Module; Provides high speed backup communication and switchover of the Data Highway Plus and remote I/O links

1.790,00 €
1785-BCM Allen-Bradley

PLC-5 Back-Up Communication Module, 1 x High Speed Serial Link (HSSL) Interface and 2 x DH+/RIO Interfaces, provides system backup if the processor or other equipment in the system fail

1.550,00 €
1771-ACNR15 Allen-Bradley

Two-port Redundant Media ControlNet (1.5 And Beyond) Communication Interface Module, ControlNet 1.5 and Beyond, 1771 I/O Adapter. Only the 1771-ACNR15 can be used with the ControlNet PLC-5 backup system (1785-CHBM)

1.495,00 €
1785-ENET Allen-Bradley

EtherNet/IP Expansion Module for PLC-5 Processors

1.420,00 €
1771-ACN15 Allen-Bradley

Single-port Non-Redundant media ControlNet Communication Interface Module, ControlNet 1.5 and Beyond, 1771 I/O Adapter

1.370,00 €
1771-CX7 Allen-Bradley

plc-5 local i/o bus terminator cable - 7 meters

980,00 €
1771-CX15 Allen-Bradley

plc-5 local i/o bus terminator cable - 15 meters

970,00 €
1784-CPCIDS Allen-Bradley


930,00 €
1770-KFC15 Allen-Bradley

Communication Interface Module, 1 x Serial RS-232C Interface, 1 x Parallel Interface, 1 x ControlNet Interface (ChA, ChB, NAP), 115/230V AC 50/60 Hz Power, provides a communication link between a ControlNet cable system and devices with a serial or parallel port, such as programming terminals, portable computers, and other serial/parallel devices

920,00 €
1788-CN2DN Allen-Bradley

ControlNet-to-DeviceNet (CN2DN) linking device. The 1788-CN2DN connects a ControlNet network to a DeviceNet network

899,00 €
5136-SD-PCI SST Woodhead - Allen-Bradley

Data Highway Plus (DH+) Communication Card, PCI Card, for communication with Allen-Bradley Data Highway Plus (DH+) networks, supported Baud Rates: 57.6K, 115K and 230K Baud

790,00 €
1771-SPI Allen-Bradley


780,00 €
1770-KFD Allen-Bradley

DeviceNet RS-232 PC Interface Adapter, connects to a computer’s RS-232 port, making it a DeviceNet node; Communication rate: 1200/ 2400/ 4800/ 9600/ 19200/ 38400/ 57600 baud RS-232, 125/ 250/ 500K DeviceNet; Communication port: 1 x 9 pin RS-232 D-shell

750,00 €
1770-KFDG Allen-Bradley

DeviceNet RS-232 PC Interface Adapter, connects to a computer’s RS-232 port, making it a DeviceNet node, with Global Power Supply Adapter 9V

750,00 €
1785-KE Allen-Bradley

PLC-5 Data Highway Plus / RS-232-C Communication Interface Module; Communication Rates: 57600 bps DH+, 110-1920 bps Switch selectable RS-232-C

720,00 €
1771-ACNR Allen-Bradley

Two-port Redundant Media ControlNet Interface Module

690,00 €
5136-PFB-PCI SST Woodhead - Allen-Bradley

PROFIBUS Communication Card, PCI Card, 32-Bit, standard PROFIBUS 9-pin D-Connector and 5-pin Phoenix Connector; simultaneous operation of PROFIBUS DP Master/DP Slave, FDL (layer 2), FMS client, and the S7 communication port; supported baud rates: from 9.6 Kbaud to 12 Mbaud

680,00 €
1785-TR10BT Allen-Bradley

1785-TR10BT PLC-5 Twisted Pair Transceiver, AUI to Twisted Pair

610,00 €
1771-ACN Allen-Bradley

Single-port Non-Redundant media ControlNet Communication Interface Module, ControlNet 1.0 & 1.25, 1771 I/O Adapter

610,00 €
1785-TR10B2 Allen-Bradley

Thin-wire transceiver

590,00 €
1771-KA2 Allen-Bradley

PLC-2 Data Highway Communication Adapter Module, 1 Program Interface Port (9.6k baud), 1 Data Highway (57.6k baud) Port, 1 Processor Port (91.2k baud)

550,00 €
1784-PCD Allen-Bradley

DeviceNet PCMCIA Communication Interface Card for PC, provides interfaces between a computer and a DeviceNet network

545,00 €
1786-RPFM Allen-Bradley

ControlNet Medium-distance Fiber Module, 2 fiber segments per module, point-to-point and star topologies, for use with ST 62.5/125 um multimode fiber; Optically isolates and extends the physical length of the ControlNet network up to 3km

545,00 €
1785-KA5 Allen-Bradley

Data Highway Plus (DH+) to Data Highway (DH485) Communication Adapter Module, for uploading/downloading of SLC 500 programs from a DH+ device and for message communication between DH+ PLC processors and DH485

520,00 €
1786-RPCD Allen-Bradley

ControlNet Dual Copper Coaxial Repeater Module, allows multiple 1000m copper segments to be attached to a repeater adapter (1786-RPA)

500,00 €
1771-RT41 Allen-Bradley

High Resolution Isolated Analog Module, 4 channel remote terminal pnl with cold junction sensor

490,00 €
1771-PSCC Allen-Bradley

PLC-5 Power Cable for connecting 1771 I/O Chassis to 1771-PS7 or 1771-PSC Power Supply

470,00 €
1785-TR10BF Allen-Bradley

Fiber-optic transceiver

450,00 €
1786-FS100 Allen-Bradley

1786-FS100 200 MICRON CABLE ASSEMBLY 100 METERS (328 .1 FT)

410,00 €
1784-CP16 Allen-Bradley


360,00 €
1771-CX1 Allen-Bradley

plc-5 local i/o bus terminator cable - 1 meter

350,00 €
1771-CX10 Allen-Bradley

plc-5 local i/o bus terminator cable - 10 meters

340,00 €
1771-DB Allen-Bradley

PLC-5 BASIC Module, PRT2/PRT1 Communication Ports, DF1 Protocol

335,00 €
1784-CP13 Allen-Bradley

DH+ Cable, for 1784-KTx to 8-Pin mini-DIN Connector

330,00 €
1784-CP14 Allen-Bradley

Cable Assembly 1784-PKTX/PKTXD to SLC-500 RJ-45 Connector, 10 ft (3.2 m)

320,00 €
1771-NC15 Allen-Bradley

PLC-5 Cable for 1771-N Series High Resolution Isolated Analog Input/Output Modules, 15 ft Length, connects module to its RTP (Remote Termination Panel)

300,00 €
1770-XF Allen-Bradley


290,00 €
1771-CT45 Allen-Bradley


290,00 €
1784-PCM2 Allen-Bradley

Direct Connect Cable 15-Pin D Shell for PLC-2 for use with 1784-PCMK

270,00 €
1770-CP Allen-Bradley


265,00 €
1770-SC Allen-Bradley

Data Highway Station Connector for DH or DH+ Networks, NEMA Type 13 Enclosure, Screw Terminals for Initial Installation and Disconnection/Reconnection, connects one dropline to the trunkline and can be used instead of the 1770-XG Connector Kit

230,00 €
1771-CE Allen-Bradley

1771-CE PLC-5 I/O Chassis Cable for 1771-P2 Power Supply, 1ft

230,00 €
1771-CX5 Allen-Bradley

plc-5 local i/o bus terminator cable - 5 meters

230,00 €
1786-RPFS Allen-Bradley

ControlNet Short-Distance Fiber System Module, 0-300m

225,00 €
1770-XG Allen-Bradley


220,00 €
1771-DA Allen-Bradley

PLC-5 ASCII I/O Module, 1.5K words/3K bytes, RS-232-C, Communication Rate: 110, 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 baud

220,00 €